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Welcoming the warmth with sunshine ready outfits from Pom Amsterdam!

Pom Amsterdam is always our go to brand for that pop of colour and something a little different. The Dutch brand is run by two sisters who create individual and original prints for their fabrics that you won't see anywhere else. Known for their colour and dose of fun that they add to your wardrobe, this seasons collection is just what we know and love from the brand. Wearable, flattering pieces that can be dressed up or down, all with that added touch of fun!

This seasons collections entitled 'The Next Destination' are the interpretation of travel influences through a modern lens, taking in the aesthetics and charm of a whole host of destinations from Cape Town to Japan and beyond. It makes for a beautiful, fun filled collection which we know you'll feel fab in.

So, whether you've got a special occasion coming up and want to make a statement or fancy a little something to brighten up your everyday denim, then do pop in store and take a look at this collection!

Blouse £124

Blouse £155

Blouse as before, jeans £144

Knit £102

Blouse £145

Dress £185

Blouse £102

Dress £205

Blouse £125


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