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Celebrate the little joys in life with the latest POM Amsterdam arrivals!

Embrace life and celebrate every moment! With this motto in mind founding sisters Violet and Liesbeth Lotgering started to design the new Fall Winter 20/21 collection. ‘Celebrate Life’ is an homage to everything worth celebrating in life. From the major holidays to the small moments of joy, such as having dinner with your loved ones and singing in the rain. In this collection celebrations from around the world were translated into eclectic and handmade prints. Fashion items that can turn any day into a party.

The collection is embodied by rich colour combinations that spark energy during the darkest months of the year. From the animated jumble of a fairground carousel to the mesmerising tribute to the hereafter at Día de los Muertos, POM have translated stories of celebrations into explosive prints. Liesbeth & Violet founders of the brand say of the collection, “Sometimes it feels like time flies by and we forget to stand still for a moment. To champion our achievements, see the loving people around us, and take it all in. With our new collection, we pause to embrace a world of opportunity. There is so much to celebrate if you stand still to see it.”

Here's a hint of what the POM collection we have in store now, pop in store to take a look for yourself or get in contact via email: and we can post to you. And don't forget we can also take bookings for private appointments so that you can relax and enjoy the shopping experience on your own or in your bubble.

Pink Jumper £112

Blouse £109


Embroidered Top £120

Blouse £120

Jacket £210, Trousers £130

Shirt £112

Dress £135

Dress £145


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