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Beautiful silk that's machine washable?! Take a look at GoSilk

We love silk, the way it drapes perfectly and the way it feels so luxurious but one thing we really don't like about it is the hassle of hand washing or dry cleaning. So we are so glad to have found this fabulous American brand GoSilk who produce beautiful silk pieces that are machine washable!

GoSilk first discovered their groundbreaking treatment that allows silk to be washable in the 80's, when the brans became super popular with the discerning customer. Go by GoSilk has been brought bang up to date with it's latest collection. The casual vibe that the label was known for in the 80’s resonates with today’s customer who embraces its relaxed look, loves the washability of the garments, and seeks seasonless, effortless dressing. Go> is cool, feminine and sexy enough for a younger customer yet sophisticated enough for an older customer that embraces its relaxed, bohemian sensibility.

The go > customer is a luxury-goods purchaser who wants timeless investment pieces she can feel good in, year after year. What the original founders did in creating a brand new treatment of a 5000 year old natural fiber is being re-discovered today by a whole new generation of discerning fashionistas.

We absolutely love this collection with gorgeous relaxed shapes, beautiful prints and laid back luxe style. Here's a little peek of what's in store for the collection, but as always you can see more in store now!

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