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The Jbrand Houlihan is back!

Back in 2010 the Jbrand Houlihan jean launched with a bang, this easy to wear 5 pocket cargo style jean became the jean to be seen in with celebrities including Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, well in fact pretty much everyone in Hollywood wearing a pair. The waiting list for them was over 3 months long!

Take it forward to 2017 and the JBrand Houlihan is back, and as declared by Vogue it's back with a vengeance! So let's take a look at why we love this jean so much:

*It's the perfect daytime jean with an edge. Based on young Japanese army street style, the pockets add a laid back edge to any outfit. Teamed simply with a plain tee or cashmere jumper the detailing adds a fashion edge to a simple outfit.

*It's pockets are perfectly placed to make them a super flattering jean.

*And finally if Vogue loves them who are we to argue.

Get your Houlihan's in store now, but be quick as sizes are already limited!

We've teamed ours here with our new Donna Ida cashmere arrival, for a fun, quirky and laid back look!

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