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Mercy Delta, the perfect accompaniment to denim!

The ultimate in everyday attire- Denim is an everyday staple for our wardrobe, but it can sometimes need that little bit of an uplift. We’ve found the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to an everyday denim outfit, and it comes in the form of British label Mercy Delta.

Mercy Delta specialise in luxurious silk and cashmere that has been handprinted with the most beautiful patterns. You were all big fans of their fabulous cashmere printed scarves last season, and the fantastic news is that our range of Mercy Delta is expanding to include their beautiful printed silk shirts- the perfect accompaniment to denim!

The unusual colour combinations and figure flattering shapes make these Mercy Delta silk shirts a real must have! Perfect for now underneath jackets, but add a light denim jean and they'll take you all the way through to summer. Each shirt is handmade, making them ultra covetable!

And not forgetting Mercy Delta's fabulous scarves...they're back and even more beautiful for summer!

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