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Heritage style from Weekend by MaxMara

The shop is now brimming with new arrivals for the Autumn season and we are just so pleased with how it's all looking, there's some gorgeous pops of colour in our collections this Autumn which we know will really give us a lift in those long winter months! Weekend by MaxMara is no exception from this, with the most beautiful, rich and vibrant blues which add gorgeous colour to their collection.

The season Weekend by MaxMara's collection is focused on heritage style with a modern twist, it's filled with classic pieces that have that edge to them to make them really special. There's beautiful heritage tweeds, liberty style prints with a stunning colour combination and classic navy's and camels to tie it all together. The collection is filled with pieces that demonstrate the quality we have come to admire from Weekend by MaxMara, with sumptuous double faced wool pieces and detailed knits, pieces we know will be treasured for a lifetime.

Here's a little look at what is in store, but as always do pop in to see the full collection and see the quality for yourself!

Silk blouse £315

Cable Knit Jumper £235

Dress £215

Double faced wool coat £679

Jumper £185

Denim shirt £190

Checked Blazer £419

Checked wool cape £235

Checked coat £465

Alpaca knit £187

Jumper £199


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