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Go eco conscious in style with Ecoalf

Last season we were amongst the first in the UK to bring the brand Ecoalf to you, and it seems you loved the brands relaxed aesthetic and eco credentials just as much as us. So, this Autumn season Ecoalf is back with us and filled with some fantastic pieces that give you that little bit of luxury for the everyday- with the added benefit of being carefully considered to be kinder to the environment.

We are so inspired by this brand and their commitment to sustainability, with a team that have worked tirelessly to develop over 500 recycled fabrics including their amazing ocean yarn, which sees them working with fisherman over Europe to collect plastic marine waste and transform it into a high end, quality yarn. They have also worked with the coffee industry to transform coffee grounds into pellets which can be crafted into fabric. Rather amazingly to date, the brand helped to recycle over 275 million plastic bottles.

And it's not just us that are fans, Gwyneth Paltrow has become such a fan of this brands ethics and eco credentials that she has recently launched a collacboration with her brand Goop and Ecoalf! We really could go on singing the brands praises in terms of sustainability, but really what we wanted to say is that alongside all of this the brand manages to create wearable, timeless pieces that are perfect for the every day.

With simple, modern cuts and quality fabrics the brand has become a brand we reach for on our more relaxed wardrobe days. This season the collection is filled with beautiful knitted pieces, including a gorgeous knitted dress and co-ord set as well as their brilliant padded jackets which have such great shapes and attention to detail. Here's a little hint of some of the collection we have in store right now:

Ecoalf padded coat with side popper detail £297

Ecoalf padded jacket £239

Ecoalf high neck sweatshirt £122

Ecoalf bag £100

Ecoalf knitted trousers £122, knitted jumper £122

Ecoalf knitted dress £145

Ecoalf knit £122

Ecoalf jumper dress £145


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