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Exciting new season arrivals in store now!

January always feels like the longest month ever, so we're so glad to welcome February, and with it comes the start of our new collections from our 'big brands' Marc Cain and Paul Smith. We do our buying almost a year ahead of time, so it's always a delight when the new pieces start to arrive and our vision for the season starts to appear! This week has seen a sprinkling of new arrivals from Paul Smith and Marc Cain which we just couldn't wait to share with you. These capsule collections are a perfect way to give your wardrobe an update for the new season, filled with pieces you can wear immediatley but can wear in new ways as the spring and summer continue.

The initial arrivals from both collections feature beautiful navys and blues but done in very different ways. For Marc Cain you can expect that true sports luxe look that the brand are so famous for. With a padded overshirt and tailored joggers that have already been super popular as well as some true staple pieces with sporty twists added to white shirts and knitwear. As always with Marc Cain the fabrics just feel amazing, and although the pieces are really wearable for the everyday, their luxury and technical fabrics just make them feel extra special.

As for Paul Smith, well there are some seriously fab pieces. An iconic knit for the season featuring a great collar detail and a truly special forever piece in the form of a smarter twist on a workwear jacket. A piece that we know will be a piece that you'll just wear and wear, worn with denim or in fact over dresses and skirts it really is a versatile piece.

Here's a little snap shot of what we have in store now, but over the next couple of weeks we'll be welcoming lots more arrivals in store to welcome the season, so watch this space!

Marc Cain technical shirt/jacket £279

Marc Cain white jumper with side stripe £235, Zip up top £189

Marc Cain tailored joggers £179

Marc Cain Navy soft jersey shirt £175

Marc Cain frill detail blouse £179

Marc Cain stripe detail blouse £175

Marc Cain bird print dress £225

Marc Cain white shirt £165

Paul Smith knitted dress £249

Paul Smith organic cotton knit £250

Paul Smith spotted skirt £218

Paul Smith workwear jacket £385

Paul Smith wide legged trousers £249

Paul Smith shirt £225

Paul Smith suede shoes £184


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