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A new season begins....

Well, summer hasn't quite been the summer we'd expected after such a scorcher last year! We've found ourselves wearing our BRGN raincoats more than anything else in our wardrobes- lucky really that we like them so much! Rather than being down about the summer we haven't had, we're looking forward to a fresh new season with so many exciting pieces heading their way to us.

Amongst the first of our new arrivals are Dea Kudibal, Jumper 1234, Van Kukil cashmere and the first of our Marc Cain collections (which has already been flying out the door despite the fact it has only just hit the rails!) Both Marc Cain and Dea Kudibal are full of pieces perfect for a transitional wardrobe, wear them now, throughout autumn and beyond. With stunning colour combinations in both collections that ease us into the next season with style.

Dea Kudibal's collection is inspired by 'A night train to Venice', prints inspired by the luxury and decadence of the early twentieth century whilst giving a twist of modernity to appeal to the modern woman. Think vintage inspired prints, with the attention to detail, luxurious fabrics and beautiful cuts that we have come to love from this female founded Danish brand.

Marc Cain's first drop for the new season is inpsired by marbled prints, and features the most beautiful colour combinations we've seen for a long time. Gorgeous quality fabrics bring together this capsule collection which we think will be just fabulous for autumn weddings and special events. We've teamed it with some of our favourite pieces from the Van Kukil cashmere collection to give you an idea of what's in store. This collection has already flown off the shelves before we've even managed to tell you about it so sizes are now limited, the good news is we'll be welcoming a fresh new drop from Marc Cain very soon!

And back to the BRGN coats, we have a whole host of styles in store right now & more new styles as well as their much lusted after boots in new colour ways and a longer length on their way in to us as we speak- so watch this space!

Dea Kudibal blouse £179, Dea Kudibal trousers £209

Dea Kudibal Blouse £179 Dea Kudibal trousers as before.

Dea Kudibal dress £249

Dea Kudibal belted wool waistcoat £389

Dea Kudibal shirt £159

Dea Kudibal silk blouse £249

Dea Kudibal jumper £209

Marc Cain pleated dress £289

Marc Cain trousers £219, Van Kukil Cashmere jumper £399

Marc Cain Blouse £289, Trousers as before.

Marc Cain blouse £205, Marc Cain skirt £245

Marc Cain skirt as before.

Marc Cain dress £265


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