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The prints to be seen in this Spring

The last few seasons have been all about bold prints, and this season is no different. So we were so pleased to discover our latest brand POM Amsterdam on a recent buying trip. Let's just say they are some of the most beautiful prints and colour combinations we have seen for a long time, combine that with super wearable shapes and high quality fabrics and you've got a brand we're really excited about.

Created by two sisters Liesbeth and Violet Lotgering, POM Amsterdam began designing fabrics based on Violet's handpainted designs and crafting into beautiful scarves. Since 2018 POM has expanded its collection to a complete fashion collection. The collection consists of elegant, feminine fashion pieces that are defined by bursting colours, bold prints with colourful stories, unexpected exciting details and the use of fine, natural materials. The items are designed in such a way that every woman feels both beautiful and comfortable in them.

From beautiful printed shirts to dresses, and a fabulous range of scarves we're sure this latest collection will be a

huge hit

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