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Kirstin Ash Jewellery, create a bespoke piece for the perfect Christmas present!

We're nearing the end of November, which means if you haven't already been super organised and started your Christmas shopping you may be feeling the panic at December being just around the corner!

There's always those hard to buy for ladies, you know the ones who have everything already! But on a buying trip earlier in the year we may just have found the solution to that problem. Our new range of jewellery from Australian designer Kirstin Ash is the perfect way to create a gift that's personal, thoughtful and very simple to do.

Introducing Kirstin Ash Bespoke jewellery to our range of accessory collections here at Bishop Phillpott. Kirstin Ash Bespoke is a gorgeous collection of Sterling Silver jewellery that can be customised and personalised to create a perfect gift for a loved one.

Firstly choose from either a Sterling Silver or Rose Gold necklace chain, and then the fun can start, with a huge range of charms to add on to the chains to create a truly bespoke piece. Choose from Sterling Silver or Rose Gold charms which include initials, gemstones and super sweet shapes.

The dainty charms include horseshoes and wishbones, perfect to wish somebody good luck, hearts and engraved pieces for loved ones, birthstones, initials or even some super cute tassels for adding their favourite colour to the necklace. Add as many or as little charms as you like, combine the sterling silver and rose gold, the choice is all yours. All combine together to make a delicate and special piece of jewellery.

Here's a little glimpse of some of the gorgeous styles you can recreate in your own personal way. Chains are from £31 and charms start at £18 and all are crafted out of sterling silver or rose gold.

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