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...Scents of True Grace

So, here go's... my first ever official blog post for Bishop Phillpott!

After searching the rails for inspiration and wondering what to base this post upon, I realised that one of the things I love the most about coming into work each week (and something I get to take home with me) are the amazing smells and aromas coming for every corner of our store. I first noticed this the day my mum commented on the pretty, summery smell that came through the door with me when I got home. Smelling my hands I remembered using a pump of True Grace Morocon Rose Hand Cream mid afternoon. When I began working at Bishop Philpott, True Grace was a new brand to me and so I was exctied to learn more.

True Grace, founded by Philippa and Roger Biles is an English company based in Wiltshire. They are proudly commited to local and sustainable production, creating the entire product range in their Wiltshire work shop. Using only the finest ingredients, the aim of the business is to capture the essence of England throughout their beautiful range of fragranced home products. From a special creation blend of 100% natural plant wax for the fragrance candles to organically grown wheat alcohol used in their home scent.

Below, are a few of my top products and favourite scents.

Portobello Oud - Inspiration for this scent was taken from where it all began. Memories from their first candle stall among others selling exotic foods, spices and antique leather goods.

Scented Candle - £27

Reed Difuser - £48

Moroccan Rose - Floral notes and woody base tones. My favourite scent from the collection, reminding me of dried flowers pressed into a scrap book.

Reed Difuser - £32

Scented Candle - £24

Natural Home Scent - £20

Natural Hand Wash - £15

Curious - The perfect scent and colour for summer to brighten up any coffee table. Top notes of grapefruit and base notes of ylang-ylang and woodland.

Reed Difuser - £48

Scented Candle - £27

So whether your looking for a special scented candle to update and refresh a living space, or a delightful hand wash or cream for yourself, True Grace products are also elegantly packaged to make the perfect, beautiful gift.

Elle. X


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