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Wrap yourself in luxury

Wrap yourself in luxury with the highest quality cashmere wraps, handmade in Scotland by The Travelwrap Company.

In their own words, The Travelwrap Company is all about scrumptiously soft Scottish cashmere, traditional craftsmanship, beautiful designs and just making life more luxuriously comfortable.

The Travelwrap mill in Scotland is one of the longest established in the United Kingdom and internationally renowned for producing the finest cashmere pieces. The cashmere itself comes from one of the remote areas in Inner Mongolia and the mill actively participates in sustainable programmes to help prevent over- intensive grazing.

The luxurious softness of the cashmere is in part because only the longest haired fibres from the downy undercoat of the cashmere (originally Kashmir) goat are milled in the knitting process. Washing the cashmere in pure Scottish Highland water ensures an immaculate finish. Quality of the cashmere and fine craftsmanship combined with an extensive range of vibrant colours are at the heart of every Travelwrap. The Travelwrap Company has won some great awards including Luxury Gift of the Year over the last couple of years, making this niche British brand very special indeed.

This range of cashmere wraps are the perfect way to keep away the winter chill whilst staying stylish. Use as a wrap over an evening dress, as a scarf for the daytime or wrap around for extra luxurious warmth whilst travelling. Each wrap comes beautifully boxed and with it’s own silk bag so that it can be popped in your handbag for those situations when only cashmere will do! Choose from a range of colours, here are just some you can choose from at Bishop Phillpott….each one is £245.

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